Going Ahead with ’10 Lines of Dialogue’, Reflections and Thoughts

by Words and Chaos

Last week’s ‘10 Lines of Dialogue’ felt a little too restricted. I think I was hammering on the idea of the character’s direction too much, the preoccupation with selling oxygen, and I think in future I will broaden the range of dialogue subjects and topics.

I’m not entirely sure how I’ll do this, or how I’ll format it so it’s clear that what gets written is, for example, a response to a specific question or a greeting. I don’t want to header everything with ‘greeting’/’farewell’/’political ideas’ or whatever – for some reason that bugs me.

Either way, I don’t think harping on about sellable air was a good direction to go – it was far too ham-fisted, even for a simple writing exercise. I’ll probably have a bunch of different categories that I choose from and see how we go from there. There should be a bit of a broader persona there and some more variation.