10 Lines of Dialogue #2

This one is the perspective of a businessman, perhaps stockbroker or market-investor or… one of those people who spends far too much money of someone else’s money on mostly-intangible things.  A mostly modest man, he’s experienced enough to be at least tinged with by that culture of stock-warrior arrogance.

‘Oh, hi! Listen, I’d love to chat but I’m real busy right now. I’ve got a half hour later at lunch, is it important? We’ll do lunch, I’ll talk to you then.’

‘You’ve got to know how to stay on top. You’ve got to know how to handle the pressure. A lot of people see this as a bunch of money for sitting in front of a bunch of computer screens. They think it’s all about spreadsheets, and telephones, and they’re dead wrong. It’s more than that. It takes more than that. If you can’t keep your feet in this job you’ll go down real fast, and let me tell you it ain’t easy getting back up.’

‘I did lunch with Spencer, at the new place that opened up across the way, yesterday. The food was great, but the staff were incompetent. Is it that hard to get a basic order out in ten minutes? Who hires these slackers? Now wonder they’re waiting tables.’

‘I saw the news report last night. I wouldn’t put much weight on it. Most of these guys don’t work the jungle. They’re just talking for the civilians. They can’t give out the real info, so they just make something for the economists: something about safety and percentages. Not worth listening to, really.

‘Liberals. Typical no-spine poets. They’re never going to change anything: they don’t have the balls. If you’re going to have those guys calling the shots then you can bet on the country collapsing. They should have one of our people run things; at least we’ve got the stones to take a risk.’

‘I told the new kid, “look, don’t drip feed me information. This isn’t twitter. If you don’t have the information, all the information, then don’t waste my time.” I said, “Get it together, kid. This isn’t school. Come back when you’ve got all the data or don’t come back at all,“ and I sent him back to his desk.’

‘I heard you landed that deal you were chasing all of last week. It’s been going around the floor like wildfire, good job! Negotiating like that takes some impressive stones. The elites are going to have their eyes on you, I don’t know how you did it.’

‘Listen, I don’t know where to begin. Are you stupid or just incompetent? I’ve seen untrained monkeys perform better than you! Get out of my sight.’

‘I heard Hines has been banging the receptionist. What’s her name? Quinn, right. Nice girl. They should hope the management doesn’t find out, though. You know how they don’t like in-office relationships.’

‘Stay the hell away from micro-chips right now. They’re toxic. Falling like lead. The word is that someone’s got a new tech coming out that’s going to replace them on the market. Real next-gen stuff. So everyone’s holding their breath, and nothing’s getting done there. I’m gonna wait and see how it pans out. See if this new thing does come through. You know what tech is like…’


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