10 Lines of Dialogue #3

She’s orderly and structured. She enjoys giving advice and instruction, and she works as a consultant. She is very friendly. She appears confident and secure. Her enjoyment of helping people conflicts with a deep-seated fear of obsolescence. A fear that she won’t be needed and that someone will be better than her.


‘Hello there! I was just thinking about you! How did you get on last week after our chat? Really? No! Listen, it’s fine, I know just what to do. Sometimes things work like that. I’ll schedule you for an appointment on Tuesday, after lunch. I can’t do earlier, I’m booked solid before that, sorry. 2 pm, ok?  Great! I’ll see you then. Keep your head up in the meanwhile.’

‘I hear Peter’s having trouble with a promotion. You should send him my way, I’ll have him running things by the end of the month.’

‘Oh, she was having trouble with the school. I told her to go over there and talk to them. The daughter is their responsibility while she’s with them; it’s not her fault if she’s disruptive. It’s their fault for not being in control. She saw it my way in the end and she’s going over to give them an earful today.’

‘You’re new, aren’t you? Listen, if you run into any trouble or have a question, just come find me. I’ll sort you out. Ask anyone – I’m well known here.’

‘Alan is a nice guy and he’s got a good head. He’s great for the short run, but he doesn’t have the mind for the long term. If you want the best, look my way, ok?’

‘I really like what Jessica has done with her space. We spoke a fortnight ago. She really didn’t quite know what she was doing or what she wanted to do. So we went for coffee and she told me her ideas. I may have made a couple of suggestions, but she’s really run with them and turned the place around. It’s great!’

‘Alan has been talking to Gavin. I don’t know why, because he’ll never get anything useful from him. I’ve got nothing personal against Gavin, but I get the impression that he’s not keeping up with the performance from the rest of us. Anyway, the two of them are planning something and I don’t think that’s a good development. Find out what they’re up to and tell me.’

‘I can’t talk now. I’ve got a meeting with Steve. He needs help with a project. I’ve got to go, I’ll catch up with you later on, ok?’

‘I heard that Gavin has been saying Jessica is going to run her department into the ground. Honestly, I wouldn’t pay too much attention. Between you and me, I’ve heard some less than impressive stories concerning his performance at his last job. I know the receptionist; we have wine over at that bar on the river sometimes. Apparently things were in a state when he left. They had to do a real cleanup afterwards.‘

‘What do you mean my suggestions were bad? I give the best advice in the whole city; my abilities are second to none! Especially in comparison to your own! Get out of my office!’


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