10 Lines of Dialogue #4

An out of touch Disco lover. Somewhat bitter, but holding a candle for the rebirth of Disco as a music genre and a cultural movement. Refuses to listen to any views that don’t align with his.

I’m not sure whether this came out more like a bad caricature than a character….

‘Hey, man. What’s cool?’

‘Clubs just ain’t what they used to be, man. Drugs ain’t what they used to be. Where’s the love go? Why can’t I get high no more? Real high. No you can get drugged, but you can’t get high, man. Not no more.’

‘People used to have soul, they used to have heart. There was life in the streets. Colour! Not no more. Just corporate grey.’

‘Back then Michael had a nose, back when the Beegees were serious, we used to have fun, man!’

‘It’s all gone to shit since 79. Punks killed the heart of the people. Those bastards destroyed a great culture.’

‘These threads? Out of fashion? Hell no! Never. It’ll come back. Just like the music. Just like the people. Believe it, motherfucker.’

‘Rock music and punk music. All that music. Stay away from that – it’s all racist. They’re all racist. Homophonic. Gay bashers. Motherfuckers. Violence and hatred is the only thing in that music. That crowd. They ain’t got a heart. Ain’t got a soul between them. They’re fuckin’ empty! Stay away, man.’

‘Sit down and rap, man.  Ain’t nothin’ anybody’s got more than time.’

‘Disco didn’t die. Those racist bastards tried to kill it. But they couldn’t! They never will! It’s gonna have a rebirth. Just you wait, just you wait! A cultural revolution. You’ll see. Just you wait!’

‘I’ll be around. Peace and love, man.’


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