10 Lines of Dialogue #5

Sociopathic businessman. Trades in exotic items. Feels he does a service to the elite.

‘Hello, sir/miss/madam’

‘What can you offer me for what I can get for you?’

‘What about the Rhinos and Elephants? Does it matter? They’re half a world away being taken care of by a bunch of savages. What of it?’

‘Whatever’s about to come out of your mouth had better not waste my time.’

‘You want to know where that comb comes from? Where that pie comes from? Go to a fuckin’ zoo.’

‘Unless you’re on 100K or more, I don’t have time for you. Get out of my face.’

‘The bargirl? Sure, she’d fuck me. A lot of girls would fuck me – look at me: I’m successful, I have money, I know all the right people. Of Course she’d fuck me. She’d be dumb not to.’

‘Listen, I’ve got a manicure followed by lunch with some very important guys, and then a spar with a couple of guys from the club. If you have something to say it’d better be worth hearing.’

‘I’m not worried. I don’t really care – if the ivory runs out we’ll just move on to something else.’

‘Make it quick. Do you know who’s coming in later? Of course you do. Because everyone one knows them!’


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