Fracking Chemicals to be Kept Secret.

I love that. You can inject a bunch of fracking chemicals into the ground that could potentially contaminate drinking water, but of course that chemical composition needs to be kept a secret to keep a business edge. Because fuck you if you want to shower or drink a glass of tap water.

And my government wonders why people don’t trust fracking companies in the UK. Hmm, I wonder. If half the country’s water gets poisoned by unknown chemicals, how is money going to help anybody? What, does a £5 note neutralise chemical poisoning? Do we really think that the companies fracking in the UK would be under different rules from those in the US? Because if they were, they probably wouldn’t invest if everyone knew the chemical composition of all the shit they want to put into the ground.

So basically we can surmise that whatever’s in those chemicals is awful for a human. If it wasn’t, the people controlling them wouldn’t hide them.


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