When physical description meets random generation:

I was wondering what would happen if I ran some of my lists and phrases through a generator in order to spit out some interesting physical descriptions. I had to, naturally, make some adjustments and alterations to the things it spat out, but here’s an example of the type of thing I got.:

A womb giving the impression of a username generator.
A tail that is literally a planet-wide billboard for sensualism.
A skull resembling a noir water-strider.
Lips reminiscent of an earthquake.
Nipples resembling fossils.
A beard reminiscent of trifle.
A fist comparable with a smeared colonnade.
Her vagina was giving the impression of pre-linguistic warm weather.
A navel that put one in mind of a bloody bear.
Teeth like a snarling diaspora.
The hair of an encumbered snowball.
Knees that put on in mind of halibut.
His bones were giving the impression of an experimental shrieker.
Buttocks imitating a correctional horseman.
His penis was imitating an anti-semite activist.


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