Word Clusters #6: Cowboy Births Are Increasing.

With extra for last month’s fail.

I’m still doing these – though I missed the last one.


  • Cowboy births increasing
  • Willow that is rising wants…
  • Necessitarianism might [transitive verb] the Ostrogoths
  • Overshadowed wards limping
  • Retaken to the messengers
  • Conservation is yellow
  • Croatian with ironies
  • Ethics that are literally the army’s
  • Yeoman if attraction
  • Mummified but vibrating
  • Indistinguishable since ballast
  • Classification of the Astrologer
  • Muffler cannot [transitive verb] signatories
  • Management begets champion
  • Rejoice rises incipient
  • Inherited when flanked
  • Crux after libidinous
  • Pressure opposes affording
  • Ennoblement before Chief
  • Scales will [transitive verb] passenger



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