Words and Chaos

Month: March, 2014

Word clusters #7: The butcher shop calls for self-identification.

Well, you never know who’s going to steal your meat.

Butcher shop calls for self-identification
Gurgling taste for Pine Snakes
Falling leaves change Roman
Software results headpiece
Thousands teaching unconfirmed
Autobiography love is perceptible
Taps are not interpreters
High Heels: Because [noun] [is/are] claw-like
Simplicity seeks potato-growing
Furore resembling a Farmhouse

“Artists shouldn’t be paid for their work.”

Right. Go tell Joss Whedon, Bathesda, George RR Martin, Sean Bean, Mick Jagger, Quentin Tarantino, and fucking Michelangelo that they should never have been paid.