The words. They never end.

by Words and Chaos

Today I ended up with 27 new books. I have 11 physical books on my ‘to read’ shelf already.

I have a text document with about three hundred books I need to read.

I am less than halfway through The History of the World by J. M. Roberts. – an edition published in 1993, so I have to take everything with a pinch of salt due to potential for changes in information since it’s publication. But it was free. It’s an A4 book, about a thousand pages long, with moderately small text, and I’m not a man who reads a thousand words an hour. I could, but I wouldn’t take any of it in.

There are always going to be more book published that I want to read. I am never going to be able to read them all.

This information is a surprisingly heavy psychological weight.