More Physical Characteristics at Random

Some More Random Physical Descriptions.

One day I should learn some basic code and throw together a generator of some sort. I generally ask too many questions of code, though. From my very limited experiences, it’s like a jigsaw. There are a whole bunch of pieces – you throw them together and they do things (hopefully). Nobody ever tells you why “Var” works or how the code understands “//”, etc. At the end of the day, I suppose that’s because 100100 1011101 010101 110101 110101.

I like the weird shit that randomly generating descriptions and physical characteristics gives me. These descriptions don’t always make the clearest sense, but I don’t mind that. It generally forces my mind to think on different lines. To bend in odd ways and come up with something I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. I can make them make sense. Anyway, to the point.

Ankles striped with maintained inflation
Joints as deep as a bascinet
Gullet like immortal forestry
Claw reminiscent of a char-broiled cloak
Muzzle is the incarnation of advised uprightness
Heart as wide as a reservoir
Shoulders spiked with weeds
Chin banded with unfriendliness
Brow as deep as a chilblain archipelago
Glands embroidered with Anglo-Saxon Earls
Gums marked with materialistic fatalism
Knuckles reminiscent of memories
Shoulder blades the size of a salinity herbalist
Looks reminiscent of bacterium scene
Gland of a gnostic volt
Bladder spiked with Camel’s dew
Movements as tall as acne
Stomach banded with door supper
Muzzle marked with terrestrial stress
Kidney the size of a glorified canvas
Saliva imitating a magician’s logo
Nostril is an example of Slavic tangles
Rib the texture of Chamois sustenance
Nails reminiscent of polymorphed annoyance
Palms marked by bone setting


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