Words and Chaos

Month: September, 2014

Word Clusters #13

Oh, those Russians.

It’s the 15th of September. Have some inspiration.

Deconstructionism Family Tree
Bellows High-Rise
Abusively Subsurface
Troubling Cossack
Decorations Pure
Rubricator Landed Gentry
Camper Toward
Gelatinous Mace
Saturated Cobra
Constrain Equinox

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Scottish Independence and The British Reaction

Some Half-Baked Thoughts on Scottish Independence.

There’s a lot of melodrama over the Scottish independence vote.

What do we lose if they leave and what do we gain if they stay? That’s the only real question. The rest is sentimentality. And that’s all I’m getting from this. Sentimentality and arm waving. There has been very little of practical import said. I’m by no means an expert on the subject, but people keep crowing about the Union, the United Kingdom, but nobody ever seems to say anything more. They name drop but have nothing useful to add. Union? What of it? If the Union is not useful then let it go. The biggest issue is the absurd claim that and independent Scotland would keep the pound. That’s trying to have your cake and eat it, unless I’m mistaken.

The Empire has long been dead, and it seems like we, the British, for all our stoicism, are still clinging to anything that reminds us of our glorious past like a cross between a spurned lover and a misty eyed geriatric. It’s quite pathetic at this stage.