There is Only Chaos: You’re Not Entitled to a Pony Either.

Dreamfall developers came under fire recently for an ‘ableist’ character:

Pcgamesn – Ragnar Tørnquist defends ableist language in Dreamfall Chapters: “Those people exist in real life, and so they must exist in fiction”

Can these people just piss off and stop trying to child-proof everything?

That guy is right. No, not every character needs to be a socially acceptable cardboard drone. What are we going to do with fiction then? Are we going to ban the book ‘American Psycho’, among a cascade of others, for subjects like for racism, homophobia, and violence against women? No. Because it’s what needed to be in the book to get the character across. Because it fits the narrative. You don’t like it? Good for you, princess.

Can people stop demanding that their pathetic, ‘I’m so offended!’ remarks need to be catered to? In the words of Stephen Fry, ‘So fucking what?’ The developer is right – these people do exist in life, and they should exist in fiction. It’s dangerous to pretend that they don’t exist, to throw a blanket over it and reject the fact that it IS there. To senselessly censor the things you don’t like in the world from everywhere outside of day to day life makes you a fucking coward. You effectively shut down any kind of debate. You limit awareness. Arguably you are worse than the people who are ableist, or whatever new tumblr-speak SJW bollocks is going around these days. Being ‘triggered’ is a not a valid excuse. You’re not being inclusive by censoring the opinions of people you don’t like – the world doesn’t owe you anything, least of all the fulfilment of your expectation that it should conform to whatever makes you comfortable. Is that offensive? Do one.

Stop trying to box the world into some bland, homogenised, padded box because you lack the ability to handle reality. You’re not helping.


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