There is Only Chaos: Dr. Matt Taylor Apologises For His Shirt – This Doesn’t Help Feminism

Read about it here.

God, I wish he hadn’t apologised for that.

I’m sick of this. Loud ignorant bints who get offended by a guy’s shirt and scream, ‘OMG MISOGYNIST’. Fuck off, glue your lips together, you evidently don’t know the meaning of the word. Your cunts are shrivelling up about a shirt when there are actual problems you could be focussing on. Is this ‘misogynist’ language offensive? Feel ostracised? Good. Piss off. Because you’re a fucking tumour in an otherwise great progressive social ideal.

Actual feminism doesn’t need a parade of pitiful girl-children and forever-alone Nice Guys spewing their tumblrite SJW vomit all over the place. You really think women are so weak that they’re can’t handle a gaudy shirt? Clearly, you’re pushing that gender equality thing, you know that basic idea that the whole movement is founded on, really well. Here’s the thing: You’re the reason that people now want to get rid of that word. Why there is a growing number of people who reject feminism, because they confuse the actual movement with your incessant and pathetic whining. Congratulations.

Also this bloke just landed a spacecraft on a comet. But I suppose that’s irrelevant right? I mean, what’s a massive scientific achievement compared your precious fucking feelings on irrelevant matters.

Grow the fuck up and don’t breed, please.


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