Words and Chaos

Month: January, 2015

Word Clusters #17

There’s a lot to be said for the consciousness of verse, of which the Vogons have none.

It’s the 15th of a new year. January 2015. Let’s have some words.


Chinchilla Girdle

Reckless Art Museum

Poetry Consciousness

Fascinating Wood Cutter

Mis-proportioned Determination

Sizzling Bankrupt

Logical Renegades

Crumbling Gem Cutter

Defensive Corrections

Overseas Death-bound


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The Day The Music Died

When Upgrading Becomes a Downgrade

Well, sort of.

So usually around Christmas I make an attempt to try and finish off some music projects – some extra time on my hands over the Christmas holidays so I like to keep things moving, get something done and so on and so on.

I have a bunch of half complete tracks on my computer that I started a while ago, have been gradually adding bits and pieces to them, and up until Christmas I hadn’t touched them in a matter of months. I am dedicated to my art. Between the last time I touched one of the tracks and Christmas, I updated to Yosemite. Apparently Yosemite doesn’t like Logic 9 very much. Just lag in playback, and editing. Trying to master one of those tracks was a fucking joke.

Aha! I’m in 32 bit mode! I’ll turn it up to 64. Well, Logic uses a bridge application to get VSTs from 32 to 64 bits. Or something like that – I’m fairly fuzzy, but I understand the basic principle of how it works, and I haven’t looked at the information in a few weeks. So bridge application – it crashes. All the fucking time. It’s actually more stable and productive to use the 32 bit. So I switched back. Tried mastering again.

Three hours later I wanted to throw my computer out of the window.

So I stopped. So unfortunately I had nothing to offer to my glorious Soundcloud this year. Although I recently added a fairly old track, Soft Pigeon, that should have been up there last year. Because it was on Flax Visions. Still a really poor showing on my part.

However, I plan to, at some point this year, finally get a new computer. On that computer I will install Logic X and then hopefully I’ll be able to get back to making music. Naturally it will take a backseat to writing, but I fucking hate not being able to gracefully create stuff, and I like creating music/terrible noise. So hopefully I’ll be able to be able to get back on that some time this year.

Conservative Councillor, Mark Winn: ‘Food Banks are for Drug Addicts, Drunks, and the Mentally Ill’

I suppose all those soldiers with PTSD, from yet another arms-dealer profit-driven war, don’t deserve food.

I suppose feeding people who have lost their jobs and homes due to all these fantastic economic austerity measures, bought in by the Conservatives, might eat into that £260,000 champagne budget.

I suppose they’d have to stop buying gold plated lecterns and thrones from which to lecture us about how we’re all in it together as they sit down to a feast the Lord Mayor’s Banquet.