Words and Chaos

Month: April, 2015

Word Clusters #20

Defend the obscure! Nobody knows what the hell you’re talking about, but you’re passionate about something!

It’s the 25th of April. I’ve missed the word clusters. Here’s two to compensate.

Titanic Dismount
Defending Obscure
Convenient Contrail
Reported Indeterminacy
Needlepoint Holder
Enculturation Surround
Secondary Acoustic
Abbreviated Markets
Degree Distinction
Armadillo Trunk
Albino Moats
Battle-Scarred Financing
Separate Dissections
Artificial Characters
Burly Crepe
Raspy Reprisals
Snapping Advert
Amnesia Enate
Human-type Coinciding
Diesel Engine Oversaw

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Still Alive – Rambling and Bollocks.

Sorry, I’ve been silent. Not even the monthly words list has come out. I’ll get to it. I’ve recently bought that new computer I was babbling about a couple of months ago in my lamentations about Logic not working. I’ll get around to actually buying Logic X with my next paycheck, so no real music news yet. I’veĀ  decided to scrap the exisiting proj3ect I was working onad just start over on a new one. Whether an EP or a full release I couldn’t say yet – I’ll see what I’m feeling like when I get to it. So far I’m just having fun with the new computer.

Word cluster will be up on the weekend, probably do a double lot. Hope they’re still useful to people. I”ve also been jotting down some other ideas for updates. It’s just a matter of time, that is; diverting time to the blog, away from regular novel writing. I’ll get around to it – I’m an opinionated bastard, so Ill mouth off every once in a while. All those poeple who complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day aren’t kidding. Mostly the problem is prioritisation.