Word Clusters #22

by Words and Chaos

I theorise that you can leave your hat on. Sorry…

Monday, bank holiday: Have a bunch of words.

Theorise Helms
Phrygian Grinder
Speeds Semi-authoritarian
Green Energy Launching
Indirect Chaplains
Rending Mithras
Feeder Perpetual
Stupidity Hippo
Succumbs Non-Theistic
Forgotten Reformation
Light-Versus-Darkness Affirming
Barren Provinces
Metamorphic Rock Decorous
Corrected Bath
Claws Commodore
Theoretical Driftwood
Weathervane Glean
Unskilled Reservations
Ugliest Door Handle
Lifts Readopted
Photograph Coffer
Fast Food Lecture
Meek Affectional
Clement Parking Spot
Mediate Aerodynamics
Church’s Shrines
Semi-Annual Pinprick
Vigorously Scimitar
Quarter- Out-Of-Body
Mechanistic Newt
Pre-Eminent Drive-In-Movie
Remarkable Dove
Vivisection Theatre
Masonic Comparisons
Britons Investigate
Audio Hobgoblin
Inauspicious Small
Schizomida Wetsuit
Digesting Initials
National Security Seeps

Have a good one!

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