Word Clusters #23

If your handmaid chatters inappropriately, you may wish to purchase a Lady in Waiting Cork. Choose from a variety of specially chosen maid-corks hand crafted by expert cork-shapers. Just £99, with one year warranty. Satisfaction or your money Mff mfff ffffmm!

It’s the 15th of June. Have some words. I’m gong to start doing longer lists/multiple lists. I’ll figure something out. These minimal effort posts could do with at least more content.

Hand-Path Religion
Outgrowth Reliable
Reaffirms Cooing
Inaction Vent
Coroner Highwater
Teratomorph Fetish
Sea Cave Mantis
Lady-In-Waiting Cork
Rhetorical Ungodly
Willing Mystification

Calorie Normativity
Yorkshire Household
Blithe Vodouisants
Adolescence Extends
Petrified Wood Voice
Chokes Naturalism
Rhyme Circus
Un-Dead Deprivation
Carrion Flower Molar
Sedentarize Driftwood

Weddings Adhere
Revisionist Sikhism
Waiter Establishment
Ecoregion Field-Work
Loam Opposes
Megalodon Feeds
Bell Re-Employment
Harvest-Time Interpretants
Applying Overthrow
Base Likewise

Permeating God-Name
Pension Protection Fund Batter
Tacky Fender
Utterly Skipper
Subgenres Barely
Unperceptive Symbols
Impenetrable Targeting
Dissected Euclidean

Also, I hear the finale episode of Game Of Thrones happened. I still haven’t watched it, but I’ve been waiting for that for fucking years. I actually genuinely want Jon Snow to die. Finally, fully. The works. Just fucking kill him, so I can drink the delicious salty tears of internet grief.

For previous word clusters, visit this page.


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