Word Clusters #24 – Fashion!

These boots are made for walking. Also ritual offerings.

It’s the 15th of July, we’re doing word clusters!

We’re going to do fashion this time. Not my most well researched subject, but actually sort of important to world building. Fashion is one of those things that, whether you subscribe to it or not, you can’t really avoid. I don’t pay attention to fashion trends. I have my style. It’s simple, utilitarian, and works for me. Other people can’t get enough of clothes. When you’re writing, it’s worth taking a bit of time to figure out some rough idea as what people are wearing. Otherwise everyone ends up sounding as if they’re all wearing the same non-descript clothing. You don’t need to go American Psycho on it – and unless you’re writing a clever novel through the eyes of an ultra-consumer – but you don’t want everyone wearing ‘a brown shirt and some other stuff’. Most of the time you probably won’t even need to mention clothing, but if there’s something particularly prominent or interesting, it’s nice to know what it looks like.

Anyway, I’m going to stop rambling semi-coherently and get on with it…

Intonating Pink Tailcoat
Spies Pink Cricket cap
Organised Orange Utility belt
Heptagonal Blue Sleeves
Lesser Yellow Gorget
Gaurds Purple Visor
Glamorous Pink Sandals
Illustrative Pink Collar
Offering Purple Low Boots
Mallet Blue Hornburg
Insulting Black Bowler hat
Juxtaposing Purple Leggings
Inventors Purple Cossack hat
Platonic Red Belt
Narcissistic Pink Wimple
Fabulous Purple Legwarmers
Eve Black Wedding dress
Troll Yellow Cowl
Protective Green Cocktail dress
Heptatonic Black Knit cap
Riders Blue Targe
Prismatic Green Skullcap
Focusing Red Neckwear
Paint Roller Yellow Burka
Pastiche Red Targe
Faulty Yellow Stockings
Pilgrims Orange Shirt
Rocky Orange Tie
Kidney Grey Watch
Safe Grey Wrap dress

Have a good one!

For previous word clusters, visit this page.


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