There is Only Chaos: Ashley Madison, Morality, and Hypocrisy

I don’t necessarily side with the hackers who leaked all the information about the Ashley Madison members. As has been pointed out, they are acting as judge, jury, and executioner from a mostly archaic moral viewpoint. All the while not fully knowing the situation of all involved. Although, I suppose in their eyes any deviation from their moral guidelines is probably worth a witch-hunt.

That said, I’m getting some considerable enjoyment from the members of parliament, clergy, Vatican members, congress personnel, public officials, etc being identified, and then becoming incredibly indignant. All these moral and social arbiters who preach from on high concerning the specifics of how everyone else should live, suddenly faced with the public evidence of their crippling hypocrisy. It’s good that people have the information to make the decision to ignore whatever gets poured into the trough, the next time some pompous egotist decides to don ceremonial garments and give a speech on how the world is black and white.



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