Word Cluster’s #25: A Buggerload of Words.

In which I am bad at the interwebs thing

Yeah, I missed August. And I’m late on September. Been going at the writing and the working (and the drinking) a tonne. Which is a bad excuse for I’m utter shite at updating this blog. I mean, I could sit here and tell you how I went to work, and came home, and wrote, and slept, and went to work, and went to the pub, and came home, ad infinitum. But that’s fucking boring. In the meantime, there’s this:

Lakebed Cruelty
Ascribing Ape
Daggers Elephantidae
Merge Gratification
Meditate Lukewarm
Impacted Stainless Steel
Megacorporations Deflected
Disavow Post-Postmodernism
Seizing Scaling
Himself Historians
Dying Theodemocratic
Eponymous Pointless
Midnight Murderous
Offensive Counter-Magics
Cleanness Tooth
Admiralty Overdose
Prehistoric Straightedge
Aspis Turtle
Brambles Courtier
Carburettor Red-Eye
Belief Titanic
Indisputable Homosexuals
Gadgets Haney
Hauls Bossa Nova
Manticore Closely
Equilibrium Chiefly
Swiftest Yellowfin
Regulator Thermometer
Signalled Apply
Unpretentious Ribald
Holism Tailgate
Zap Ovens
Well-Born Fog Bank
Midmorning Loving-Kindness
Crawlspaces Stirrings
Machicolation Rosicrucian
Currency Scepter
Airborne Artefacts
Willingness Emotivism
Flame-brother My
Physicists Alluding
Slippers Microscope
Participle Stingtail
Spring Break Beach House
Platon Capacity
Israeli Grabs
Males Ecologies
Fearful Furnace
Fabled Bookcase
Luciferianist Imbecile
Bestial Gouger
Computer Science Vociferate
Generate Yellow Gold
Quillon Nihilism
Congressmen Articulated
Bullywug Emblazon
Pearl Unguarded
Soon Expansions
Whirlwinds Chosen
Wren Paw
Non-Mambo Precedence
Denounces Pragmatics
Any Upholsterer
Traded Femoral
Hyper Earsplitting
Forlorn Skewers
Bone Setting Repaired
Wallpaper Bath Robe
Comforting Lid
Wet Hedgehog
Sisterhood Assigned
Improving Unbelievers
Emerges Exhaustive
Fill Easiest
Doubleheader Isolationist
Copyright Anaemic
Numberless brew
Decaton Determine
Silk Screen Piece
Non-Houngan Indiscriminately
Armor Runes
Compensation Fanglord
Bearings Analyses
Disagrees Firing
Large Parting
Red Panda Fois
Imbecile Crazed
Thrown Anachronisms
Mollify Employee
Woven Intercontinental
PBS Covering
Shoddy Ebonite
Ignominious Clueless
Correlational Destabilize
Portcullis Military
Joviality Contradicted
Trillion Gentle
Pasta Pastor


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