Words and Chaos

Month: January, 2016

There is only chaos: Self-improvement is masturbation

We’re coming to the end of the first month of the new year. If you made a resolution, how are you doing with it? What did you resolve? Are still going with it? Did you give up? Will you continue after January?

I don’t really bother with resolutions, myself. I have given myself a list of goals that I want to achieve by the end of the year. So far it’s going well enough. I may add more as I go, but it’s not wise to give yourself too much to focus on at once. Either way, I think annual goals are a good thing. I haven’t done anything specific before now, no specific lists. After all, that’s daunting. It’s concrete. You have to follow through. Or don’t. But if you don’t, you fail. So you might as well at least try to follow through. Win or lose, you’re bound to learn something about yourself.

I’m not posting mine. I think if you’re into the whole self improvement deal then it should be a personal thing. If you’re doing self improvement for the sake of taking selfies and posting self-satisfied statuses on Facebook or Twitter, you’re doing it wrong. It’s just ego-masturbation.

I like lists for things like this, though. I think it’s a good way of focusing on exactly what you want, without getting through the first month and just abandoning everything for the rest of the year. Personally, self development, if that’s not too much like some kind of industry buzzword that gets thrown around every time there’s an annual review looming, isn’t something you can do for a month and then feel smug about, like buying a gym membership you’ll use four or five times and leave at the back of a draw somewhere. It’s got to be a permanent drive for advancement. Whatever form that takes.

Moving On From Monte Cristo.

I’ve abandoned Monte Cristo. I’ll read four hundred pages in four days if I’m interested, but it’s telling that I made a comment about this book months ago and today I’m only 650 pages in. I realise it’s taken me far too long to get to where I am and I do not have the time to waste while waiting for this to go somewhere. I stuck with it out of some bizarre sense of obligation, but I’ve come to my senses. I know: I’m some sort of literary philistine, but I’m not a patient man and no amount of social standing will make me revere something any more than it deserves. Classic or no, I’m bored of this obnoxiously opulent Mary Sue, sub plots like woodworm that don’t lead anywhere, and the literary equivalent of corpse-bloat. Revenge epic? I wish. There’s more padding here than a lunatic asylum in a mattress factory.
Dumas can do one.

Word Clusters #28: New Year, New Words

It’s a new year: Have a hundred word clusters.

If you’re stuck for ideas already, this might help.

Woozy Manoeuvred
Unreasonable Promulgations
Contravallation Prepossessions
Burdening Warmth
Peevish Hawthorn
Interpretable Misconduct
Heavier Commencement
Second Knighted
Problematic Abstractions
Independent Hurl
Drawn-Out Lanolin
Proto-Science Mammals
Person Precursor
Fine Light
Feldspar Gospels
Relative Omens
Atomism Peacemaker
Absolute Regent-Governor
Stitched Yellow Gold
Sheet-Anchor Surviving
Ants Aft
Port Carnivore
Spend Semiology
Minute Hand Divergence
Men Gorgons
Amiable Inundation
Case Hiatus
Makeup Inferred
Polar Management
Mid-Second Horns
Orangutan Denigrating
Direction Postcard
Druidd robe
Aggressive Subhuman
Ornate Cylinder
Disinfectant Spaceship
Documented Lease
Hiccough Muttering
Twohumped Imposition
Cognitive Pigskin
Direct bat
Corporeal Birth
Classify Shapeless
Eclectic Folding
Turquoise Eye
Swapping Roar
Cost Jet Boat
Connectionism Evocations
Promote Slender
Eldest Osteoarthritic
Lawnmower Nationalities
Standoffish Herbivore
Choler Telephone
Progress Epaulet
Goodlooking Disatisfaction
Proceduralist Gouging
Participates Bounce
Inmate Mermen
Torus Gut
Drizzle Reich
Fund Dusty
Cerebral Committee
Xylophagia Prices
Swallowed Quartz
Stall Board
Premier Femur
Axial Abusive
Metaphors Tsar
Public-Policy Parkway
Latin-Speakers Mature
Lasagna Akin
Frames Turpentine
Swoop Stay
Still Yore
Unsightly Gamblers
Turgid Haste
Designing Undercut
Short Bow Role-Playing
Determine Fiduciary
Annoyed Lava Dome
Self-Reflective Lamenting
Palate Delivery Van
Dead Liner
Touch-Hole Magnetic Energy
Narrator Coddle
Successful Journalist
Unconditional Numerator
Vitreous Caretaker
Ebb Tide Augmentation
Simple Leaf
Slipknot Devotion
Laughter Specks
Jettisoned Rose Quartz
Non-Humans Closed-Ended
Hill Creole
Make Elves
Interrogation Acropolis
Well-Off Opthalmologists
Worldwide Fries
Plump Quicker