Word Clusters #29: Living Things

I don’t like how the editor now starts the post of in the middle of the page. It’s odd. Everything ends up looking lopsided or like some sort of poem. Also seems to switch to the tags box if you hit alt, so halfway through a sentence, it decides that these words aren’t part of the main post. Which is sodding obnoxious, as I like to skip via word/lines regularly. Not letters.

I tried ‘beings’ as a theme for this set of clusters. Here’s what I spat out. It’s quite fun. Stochastification biped is interesting. As far as I can tell that translates to ‘random-probability personified biped’. I tried to keep it broad, hopefully it’s got enough of a range on it.

Divergent Likelihood Genus
Hunched Awarding Construct
Tossing Heat Elemental
Remembering Ire Entity
Stochastic-Fication Biped
Tawny Challenging Subspecies
Imprecise Glass Blowing Thing
Inspecting Landform Beast
Pneumatic Apparel Beast
Verminous Bibliotheca Horror
Benign Airport Horror
Ecoregional Rationing Insect
Bushell Implication Quadraped
Fifteenth-Century Catch Race
Nationalistic Flotilla Race
Doubting Difficulties Septaped
Squandered Horsemanship Fauna
Unimpaired Contending Horror
Neutered Clinic Critter
Pedipalp Resistant Insect
Hopping Creation Monopod
Non-Religious Caterpillar Elemental
Frosty Monograph Quadraped
Cruel Ethnicities Invertebrate
Neurological Kindling Reptile
Unfeasible Bound Animal
Sufficient Sauce Pan Subspecies
Attention Diagnosed Vermin
Complex Mediocrity Pentaped
Finality Cheques Individual
Nosh Sty Elemental
Eco-Hung Jury Organism
Chilling Bony Fish Septaped
Postal Pattern Genus
Spiked Psychologism Organism
Perceptive Cyber Genus
Dichotomy Jet Thing
Unclear Contrast Construct
Dispatched High-Risk Abomination
Assuring Metaphilosophy Individual
Bountiful Builder Pentaped
BCE Flurry Alien
Scrawny Reef Herbivore
Cardioid Economical Biped
Green Room Penis Construct
Atlantic Concentrate Creature
Masques Notebooks Entity
Valiant Folk-Cultural Insect
Luxuriant Scuttled Fauna
Unequalled Terror Construct


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