Words and Chaos

Month: March, 2016

Word Clusters #30: Vibro-mills

… I’m genuinely intrigued by that, actually. Perhaps it makes Ewe resin.

Fun fact, I managed to miss the fact that I’d left a typo in ‘Word Clusters’ last month so it was ‘clustrs’ for a good while. Is that like this blog’s equivalent of Tindr?

Flap Revelation
Unusual Charges
Forcible Provocation
Unaccepted Intuitionist
Himalayan Accordance
Redirected Refuse
Arguing Spreadsheets
Focussed Acrophobia
Serfs Feel
Allegation Notions
Belgian Jigsaw
Ewe Resin
Lapsed Crowning
Decimal Commando
Startup Turban
Apology Clad
Furore Group
Fetch Vinegar
Polytheistic Black Tea
Painless belief
Chromatic Scale Prose
Challenge Full Plate
Persecution Flock
Disappearance Sculpting
East-Central Devious
Gouge Scientist
Incompetent Great-Granddaughter
Culminates Catapults
Nonplussed Timescale
Stainless Steel Solid
Creator charred
Idle Communes
Model Vaultings
Second Hand Preachers
Simulacrum Cohesion
Bulldozer Allowance
Semantic Darkest
Conjectural Braille
Emotional Manipulator
Exploited Postmaster
Non-Classical Chaldaean
Re-Experience Grand Duchy
Array Simplifying
Non-Foreign Cork
Alternate Leaves Analyses
Bolognese Cradles
Basilicas Jaws
Storming Freestanding

There is Only Chaos: Consumer Critical

Ever wonder why marketing treats you like an idiot? Because you act like an idiot.

People are bitching about the price tag of No Man’s Sky because the development team is small. What? Critical thinking. Please. Anybody?

I genuinely can’t understand the process where people make these assertions and then fail to review them. How do you come up with argument and fail to step back, look at it, immediately realise the flaws in your arguments, before revising either the argument or your position on whatever subject you happen to be arguing about? How is that not just a natural process?

Using the initial subject: I’d love to see the equation for ‘dev team size = cost’. What’s the maths you have to do to get a price tag on a game if that price tag is contingent on the size of the development team? Surely, by that logic, Call of Duty should cost far in excess of a hundred pounds per iteration, because their development teams are gigantic. At a logical extreme, you just end up with developers hiring the maximum number of employees they can get away with before the cost of team outweighs the price of the game and predicted sales.

Surely you should bitching about the fact that nobody knows a thing about it but they’re asking people to pre-order it. Which is like the digital equivalent of snake oil. That’s actually a problem with some relevance – not just to the game in question but the industry, and the slightly wider economics of that market. How did people suddenly decide that you can literal sell ideas or your marketing to people, with very little information outside of the buzzwords? Worse – how are consumers OK with this? As a mass, as a gaping maw, that the market simply exists to keep feeding, the people have managed to get to a point where industries have tapped each other on the back and murmur, “You realise we don’t actually have to produce anything, right? That bloated fucking moron over there will eat whatever you throw at it. It barely even has to exist!”