Words and Chaos

Month: April, 2016

The is Only Chaos: You’re Right: Wealth Isn’t a Dirty Word.

‘Hypocrisy’, however, is.

“It’s the politics of envy!”, “Wealth isn’t a dirty word!”, “This is just another war on the rich!”

My, it didn’t take them long, did it? To turn this Panama papers leak into a establishment-media driven pity party for the privileged. Same rules as ever: prizes for the most vocal human answer to the yeast infection…

No, you insipid strings of afterbirth, nobody’s claiming that the rich are inherently as vile as you are. If we believed that, we’d have to gut J.K.Rowling and lynch Keanu Reeves. No, the public are not angry because of the size of your bank account. We’re pissed off because, despite being told we’re all in this together, you still play by different rules than the ones you set out for ‘everyone’. Is there a dictionary entry for the “elite” with variable definitions somewhere?

We’re seeing cuts for the vulnerable and the sell-off of every public asset and service available, while you put a £70 billion hole in the economy every year. Sure, it’s legal and anyone can do it. I’m willing to bet £70 billion that if everyone suddenly opened up a business in off-shore islands where we all legally hide our profits, it’d suddenly become very illegal. Also, I suppose we should ignore the fact that record numbers of people are living off of food banks, in a first world country, in the city inhabited by more super-rich residents than any other city on the planet.

Silly proles, why didn’t those people just open up an off-shore business in Panama?

Randomised Melee Weapons

I was intrigued to find out what I could do with randomly generated weaponry. I limited it to melee weapons in a fairly medieval sort of vibe. I tried to keep the general categories of weapon very open, and let the adjectives narrow it down – so, for instance, I’ve only got ‘sword’, instead of ‘rapier’ or ‘scimitar’, etc. It worked fairly well, I could have tailored the adjectives list, but I left it as it exists for the lulz. So some of the results are a bit odd. Took longer than anticipated: I kept adding things to the list of adjectives, so I kept regenning the lists. I’ve done the same thing for clothing, I believe. I might do the same sort of thing for armour, jewellery, and ranged weaponry.

Immense knife with a shivering edge
Curved whip with a depressed bill
Blue axe with a shivering blade
Purring whip with a dappled head
Piquant baton with a dependent guard
Chinchilla flail with a quiviut bill
Overrated baton with a deep handle
Squeamish fist weapon with an educated guard
Gros de londres flail with a false grip
Nauseating dagger with an aberrant handle
Bad axe with an adaptable quillion
Karakul spear with a gleaming bill
Old knife with a military peen
Tan pick with a bitter hilt
Whole fist weapon with an icy hook
Sinewy knife with an exciting head
Last axe with a hideous finger ring
Little fist weapon with a surah finger ring
Single handed baton with a broad head
Nondescript baton with a copper haft
Legal lance with a wistful blade
Changeable flail with a hot butt
Homely axe with a handsome finger ring
Thick flail with a hissing bill
Gruesome polearm with an equine finger ring
Charmeuse baton with a gaudy finger groove
Voile sword with a boring finger groove
Poor polearm with a redundant tip
Irritating sword with an expensive pommel
Iron hammer with a barathea haft
Kasha spear with an obedient butt
Laboured cleaver with a devilish haft
Languid staff with an important edge
Gigantic cleaver with an unwieldy hilt
Frail mace with a habitual peen
Gray hammer with a heavy head
Equable knife with a handy beard
Double edged lance with a bolivia coating hook
Imported knife with an acetate head
Acrilan hammer with a calm pommel
Edged fist weapon with a worthless quillion
Valuable sword with a foul-mouthed butt
Late dagger with a green haft
Charmeuse sword with a medium butt
Useless cleaver with a yielding edge
Screeching sickle with an excited guard
Selective dagger with an agonizing tip
Raspy fist weapon with a sad finger ring
Double knit dagger with an swift hook
Blanket cloth club with a super haft
Tasteful dagger with a cut handle
Magical knife with an efficient blade
Tricot whip with an amazing finger groove
Sparse hammer with a corduroy grip
Electric lance with a shadowy grip
Unbiased polearm with a thundering butt
Homely fist weapon with a dapper peen
Smiling club with an accessible peen
Detailed knife with a hexagonal handle
Nonstop club with an uninterested pommel
Heptagonal baton with a noxious bill
Measly dagger with a morbid hilt
Premium knife with a demonic guard
Assorted whip with a nice edge
Handsome knife with an aloof edge
Beneficial sickle with a deep grip
Friendly lance with a gaping handle
Rough cleaver with an innocent butt
Wakeful knife with a cool wool pommel
Robust club with a murky peen
Scared polearm with a happy quillion
Rampant fist weapon with a fleshy haft
Curvy club with a hysterical finger ring
Sleepy lance with a literate tip
Fumbling knife with an evasive hook
Simplistic cleaver with a paltry finger ring
Crescent fist weapon with a boiling finger groove
Barbarous polearm with a fuzzy haft
Military knife with an encouraging handle
Moist staff with a gorgeous edge
Gurgling whip with a faithful butt
Massive mace with a yielding quillion
Chemical whip with a neat pommel
Bouncy dagger with an alpaca finger ring
Guanaco staff with a pvc grip
Finicky pick with a cotton shantung quillion
Grandiose baton with a rough edge
Anxious baton with a weak finger ring
Neighbourly knife with an lively peen
Short hammer with a fretful pommel
Heady whip with a long haft
Mere club with a shocking handle
Envious axe with a disagreeable haft
Pale axe with a tested blade
Defective dagger with a neighbourly edge
Subsequent fist weapon with a velvet guard
Aramid whip with an ugly quillion
Squat cleaver with a nonchalant blade
Plant sword with a spiteful edge
Ugly staff with a fast edge