Randomised Melee Weapons

I was intrigued to find out what I could do with randomly generated weaponry. I limited it to melee weapons in a fairly medieval sort of vibe. I tried to keep the general categories of weapon very open, and let the adjectives narrow it down – so, for instance, I’ve only got ‘sword’, instead of ‘rapier’ or ‘scimitar’, etc. It worked fairly well, I could have tailored the adjectives list, but I left it as it exists for the lulz. So some of the results are a bit odd. Took longer than anticipated: I kept adding things to the list of adjectives, so I kept regenning the lists. I’ve done the same thing for clothing, I believe. I might do the same sort of thing for armour, jewellery, and ranged weaponry.

Immense knife with a shivering edge
Curved whip with a depressed bill
Blue axe with a shivering blade
Purring whip with a dappled head
Piquant baton with a dependent guard
Chinchilla flail with a quiviut bill
Overrated baton with a deep handle
Squeamish fist weapon with an educated guard
Gros de londres flail with a false grip
Nauseating dagger with an aberrant handle
Bad axe with an adaptable quillion
Karakul spear with a gleaming bill
Old knife with a military peen
Tan pick with a bitter hilt
Whole fist weapon with an icy hook
Sinewy knife with an exciting head
Last axe with a hideous finger ring
Little fist weapon with a surah finger ring
Single handed baton with a broad head
Nondescript baton with a copper haft
Legal lance with a wistful blade
Changeable flail with a hot butt
Homely axe with a handsome finger ring
Thick flail with a hissing bill
Gruesome polearm with an equine finger ring
Charmeuse baton with a gaudy finger groove
Voile sword with a boring finger groove
Poor polearm with a redundant tip
Irritating sword with an expensive pommel
Iron hammer with a barathea haft
Kasha spear with an obedient butt
Laboured cleaver with a devilish haft
Languid staff with an important edge
Gigantic cleaver with an unwieldy hilt
Frail mace with a habitual peen
Gray hammer with a heavy head
Equable knife with a handy beard
Double edged lance with a bolivia coating hook
Imported knife with an acetate head
Acrilan hammer with a calm pommel
Edged fist weapon with a worthless quillion
Valuable sword with a foul-mouthed butt
Late dagger with a green haft
Charmeuse sword with a medium butt
Useless cleaver with a yielding edge
Screeching sickle with an excited guard
Selective dagger with an agonizing tip
Raspy fist weapon with a sad finger ring
Double knit dagger with an swift hook
Blanket cloth club with a super haft
Tasteful dagger with a cut handle
Magical knife with an efficient blade
Tricot whip with an amazing finger groove
Sparse hammer with a corduroy grip
Electric lance with a shadowy grip
Unbiased polearm with a thundering butt
Homely fist weapon with a dapper peen
Smiling club with an accessible peen
Detailed knife with a hexagonal handle
Nonstop club with an uninterested pommel
Heptagonal baton with a noxious bill
Measly dagger with a morbid hilt
Premium knife with a demonic guard
Assorted whip with a nice edge
Handsome knife with an aloof edge
Beneficial sickle with a deep grip
Friendly lance with a gaping handle
Rough cleaver with an innocent butt
Wakeful knife with a cool wool pommel
Robust club with a murky peen
Scared polearm with a happy quillion
Rampant fist weapon with a fleshy haft
Curvy club with a hysterical finger ring
Sleepy lance with a literate tip
Fumbling knife with an evasive hook
Simplistic cleaver with a paltry finger ring
Crescent fist weapon with a boiling finger groove
Barbarous polearm with a fuzzy haft
Military knife with an encouraging handle
Moist staff with a gorgeous edge
Gurgling whip with a faithful butt
Massive mace with a yielding quillion
Chemical whip with a neat pommel
Bouncy dagger with an alpaca finger ring
Guanaco staff with a pvc grip
Finicky pick with a cotton shantung quillion
Grandiose baton with a rough edge
Anxious baton with a weak finger ring
Neighbourly knife with an lively peen
Short hammer with a fretful pommel
Heady whip with a long haft
Mere club with a shocking handle
Envious axe with a disagreeable haft
Pale axe with a tested blade
Defective dagger with a neighbourly edge
Subsequent fist weapon with a velvet guard
Aramid whip with an ugly quillion
Squat cleaver with a nonchalant blade
Plant sword with a spiteful edge
Ugly staff with a fast edge


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