The is Only Chaos: You’re Right: Wealth Isn’t a Dirty Word.

by Words and Chaos

‘Hypocrisy’, however, is.

“It’s the politics of envy!”, “Wealth isn’t a dirty word!”, “This is just another war on the rich!”

My, it didn’t take them long, did it? To turn this Panama papers leak into a establishment-media driven pity party for the privileged. Same rules as ever: prizes for the most vocal human answer to the yeast infection…

No, you insipid strings of afterbirth, nobody’s claiming that the rich are inherently as vile as you are. If we believed that, we’d have to gut J.K.Rowling and lynch Keanu Reeves. No, the public are not angry because of the size of your bank account. We’re pissed off because, despite being told we’re all in this together, you still play by different rules than the ones you set out for ‘everyone’. Is there a dictionary entry for the “elite” with variable definitions somewhere?

We’re seeing cuts for the vulnerable and the sell-off of every public asset and service available, while you put a £70 billion hole in the economy every year. Sure, it’s legal and anyone can do it. I’m willing to bet £70 billion that if everyone suddenly opened up a business in off-shore islands where we all legally hide our profits, it’d suddenly become very illegal. Also, I suppose we should ignore the fact that record numbers of people are living off of food banks, in a first world country, in the city inhabited by more super-rich residents than any other city on the planet.

Silly proles, why didn’t those people just open up an off-shore business in Panama?