Word Clusters #31: Moist Whip

Looks like I missed April. I did originally post this back on the 15th, but I think I posted it as an entire page… rather than a post. Well done me.

They’re Storytelling
Cat-folk Loopholes
Breakwaters Sagacious
Theorise Jet Boat
Overt Longswords
Grievance Unprotected
Courtly Funicular Railway
Slopes Facility
Extended Dissension
Regional Face
Serving Platter Warranty
Universe Freshly
Tenet Sweet
Moist Whip
Measles Advancements
Hornes Bull Snake
Schooner Retaliate
Hoped Dismembered
Alemannia Doomspinner
Support Beachcomber
Chaotes Non-Standardized
Vitalizing Woolf
Mississippi Circumvented
Sovereign Consultation
Nsa’s Rebellion
Accompaniment Breadknife
Cryion Cracked
Wing Chair Soybeans
Gold Leaf Garnished
Family Tree Looted
Wished Generalized
Standin Receding
Icicle Headmaster
Useless Peak-Capped
Deely Doleful
Showroom Faults
Knock-Back Causeway
Surf Waterspout
Economy Soaked
Rending Daytime
Hairline Invention
Taker Rile
Glamorous Committed
Meat-Eater Noon
Cart Whispers
Elusive Viking
Climatology Megaraptor
Wedge-like Swarm


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