Oh Christ, it’s been far too long since I updated this. Apparently I’ve been away since the end of May. Time flies. I literally thought it was the end/mid of the last month that I last posted.

Errr, well, I can account for that. Sort of. July at least. I was on holiday for most of July. A week at the start, a weekend in the middle. Catching up on work in between. June… I’ve got no excuse for June.

Either way, I come bearing vaguely interesting updates:


I’ve been actually making generators. Usable generators. Not just these lists of things I generate on my Jack Jones and feed you. I want to share them with you at a slightly later date. I have a clothing generator so far. Needs a bit of work, and because it was the first thing I made. It’s a bit janky, syntax wise, but you can get clothing out of it. Mostly very gaudy.
It is coming. Needs some extra bits, but I’m mostly done with it.

It spits out things like this:

• This rectangular Tunic is made from blue fur. It is patterned with floral green, purple, and grey on the one edge.
• This plunging necklined Top hat is made from purple teeth. It is patterned with chevron white turtle on the centre.
• This sleeveless Fedora is made from black ivory. It is patterned with repeating green and red on the edges.
• This frilled Long tunic is made from green scales. It has symbols in white in the shape of a cockerel’s upper body on the edges.
• This short sleeved Porkpie hat is made from pink bone. It is patterned with interlinking purple on the sleeves.
• This square Scarf is made from purple PVC. It is patterned with trellised green and white on the top.
• This plunging necklined Justacorps is made from green PVC. It is patterned with celtic knot black snake outlined in orange on the back.
• This ornate Kimono is made from green PVC. It has flaming bronze trim on the top.
• This turtle-necked Jersey is made from red leather. It is patterned with horizontal rows of orange, pink, and yellow man on the entire garment.
• This simple Wrap dress is made from purple scales. It has multiple fur spikes on the bottom.

I’m also working on a character generator.
It’s very early stages at the moment. Still working the descriptions. I want to get descriptions and personality in there. There’s a lot of do.

A Novel Idea podcast.

This will come very soon. Tomorrow, the weekened. Something like that. This month we’ve been reading some weird fiction by Jeff Vandermeer. Some interesting conversation arises. I’ve always been a fan of weird fiction and it probably shows.


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