US Presidential Election 2016

Trump won. Against all rational incentive, America has voted Donald J. Trump for president.

In the immediate future America can expect a severe increase in number of racist attacks. As for your new president: Either he’s a complete master at playing the game, or he’s the easiest mark you could think of. All evidence points to the latter. This man is a slave to his own gigantic, infantile ego. That makes him exploitable.

Arms dealers:
‘Hey! Donald, let’s talk guns.’
‘I thought we already had a deal.’
‘Sure we do, sure we do! But, you know, it was made by that Liberal. ‘
‘And now that you’re in the White House, you’ve gotta show you mean business. Back up your talk on the trail.’
‘What do you mean?’
‘You’ve gotta show your tough, Donnie. An Alpha male. And what says strong like a gun, right?’
‘Ok, but can’t we just update the existing contract?’
‘Hey, hey, Donnie. Come on. You wouldn’t want people to think you’re weak, would you?’
‘No! No, I’m not weak!’
‘Of course you’re not! But they’ll start talking. You know that, don’t you? What if they start talking about your hands?’
‘You’re right. I’ve gotta buy the guns.’
‘That’s right! And you’ve gotta do it big. You wouldn’t want them to think you’re not rich, right?’
‘No! No, of course not!‘
‘And what’s more worthless than a weak man who lacks wealth? How are you going to prove how much of an Alpha male you are? Stick with us, Donnie, we’ll take care of you. Even Putin’ll respect you. He’ll admire you! Stick with us and you can be the Alpha Alpha. What do you say?’
‘Yes! What’re the biggest guns you’ve got?’

Or Putin. Putin likes Trump because Trump is a fool and Putin isn’t. He can lead Trump around by the nose. Massage or prick his ego, put him where you want him, turn him in the right direction. Just give him enough attention. He’ll dance on anybody’s strings because he’s too blind sided by his own ego to notice them. Putin buzzed the West coast with fighter jets recently. How do you think Trump would respond to that?


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