What’s Words, Eh?

Well, I’ll be the first to admit that last post was a bit out of date before it was even posted. In my, somewhat pitiful, defence, the whole debacle kept changing on me, lasted a good while, and by the time it was pretty much done I was in Oslo without a computer. I didn’t take my laptop – it’s about seven years old, missing a couple of keyboard keys, and weighs more than I’d like it to for travelling. I’d have bought a tablet, but I’d literally be buying it for holiday use. Outside of holidays I can’t think of a single time I’d use one. I wouldn’t have really used my computer on holiday anyway – never stay in my hotel rooms long enough.

Anyway, enough whining and excuses. It’s been a significant amount of time since I made content for this blog. A number of abortive posts and scrapped ideas, etc. I tend to want to cover topics in decent amount of depth. Often that means a bunch of research, a lot of structuring and editing, and by the time I’m halfway done the relevance is long dead. I think I’m going to have to stick with them in future – for better or worse. It’s better than letting this become half a graveyard. All the same, I’ve not been inactive.

I set the personality generator to one side for a little while, while I went back and forth on generic vs specific traits, and the reasons why one sort might work better for random generation than another. In the end I think I’m just going to try to incorporate both and see how that works. Though that will take more planning and a bunch of restructuring, some consideration as to how much I want to split each chunk up, and so on. I planned out a structure for a scene generator a while ago. I need to put the pieces together. Probably after I’m done with the personality generator enough to be happy with it.

I’ve reworked some sections of the novel. I had to seriously rethink one part and that took a long time to get to something I was happy with – I just purely didn’t know where I was going with it. It was, story wise, necessary, but lacked anything beyond surface depth, and while I’m not claiming any sort of literary ocean floor, I would like something just a tad more sophisticated than ‘The thing happened and the guy did a thing and then the page turns here.’ The other thing was a part I haven’t even started on yet, but has been gnawing at me for a long time. I liked the general shell of it, but the details, in the end, wouldn’t fit right with the rest of the story. It ended up being out of place, so I took it and gutted it, and replaced it with something that works better. As usual, that means more questions, more things to work around, etc. I’m glad, because if you end up asking a lot of questions I think it means you’re on the right track. Either way, I’m happier with the result. We’ll see where it goes.

New podcast for A Novel Idea coming up. We’ll talk about the book of which the upcoming film is adapted from, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I’ve been thinking about developing the podcast a bit. I’d like to try and work some more sound effects into the mix as periodic background ambience – heavily inspired by the Sift podcast, which you should go and check out because it’s very interesting. To be honest, I’m not even sure if it’s still going or not, but there is some interesting use of sound effects there that I wasn’t expecting. It can be a little grating at times if they get it wrong, but in general it’s quite cool. It depends on how relevant I can make the background ambience, but that shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. Now that the podcast is recoded in binaural audio I’m going to have to go back and work with the sound effects. Record some new ones, make some good use of the binaural mics. So there’s a fair bit of work to do, but if something’s worth doing, then you may as well do it right.

That’s it, you can stop reading now.


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