Trump and Kim, the Nuclear Reactors

Cooling Before the Fallout.

Wouldn’t that be something to read in a history book years from now? Perhaps as an amusing footnote to the sudden end of humanity on the off chance that this spirals into World War III.

“Nuclear war was started in  2017 because a delusional brat and an egomaniacal man-child got into an international pissing contest.”

It won’t come to nuclear war, but the fact these two children lead countries, with nuclear warheads, and behave in this manner is astonishing. I actually would have bet on Trump to be at least be a tad more diplomatic than Pyongyang, given that, while he is clearly a slave to his infantile ego, someone has to have told Trump that nobody wins when nukes are involved, if he really can’t work that out for himself. Then again, you wonder if instantly reaching for the nuclear codes is all that far a jump for a man who all but opened his presidential candidacy by talking about the size of his penis.

As for Kim Jong-Un? He’s delusional. His entire life has been one long ‘you’re a god emperor’ brainwashing session. So when it comes to chucking nukes around, is anybody surprised that he’s so incredibly naive and blasé about it? Didn’t think so.

I’m, admittedly, no political genius, but given that that’s the reality, I think it behooves Donald Trump to attempt maturity in this instance. The reality show has perhaps become a little too real and bravado wilts in the face of reality. Even he should be able to set aside his narcissism long enough to acknowledge that. Kim Jong-Un is a delusional spoilt brat, which makes him more or less impossible to reason with, but given that he seems to believe himself beyond mere mortals, provoking him with threats of nuclear annihilation isn’t particularly smart either.

Perhaps simply ignoring his outbursts and letting the boy cool off would be the wise course of action? That is, of course, if Trump can reign in his ego long enough to stop acting like a man-child with something to prove.


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